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Blue Skies


“STAGE RAW TOP 10… BEAUTIFULLY RENDERED… creates a sense of urgency, commanding the audience’s attention from the very start of the drama… skillfully and sharply injects a good deal of humor… a wonderful ensemble.” — Iris Mann, Stage Raw

“WOW!... POWERFUL… Grade-A performances… Gripping and gut-punching (with bursts of laughter sprinkled in along the way), Garry Michael Kluger’s latest is Theatre West at its very best.” — Steven Stanley, Stage Scene LA

“RIVETING, OFTEN HILARIOUS, AND PROFOUNDLY HONEST… a fascinating story told with all the insight and nuance of one who’s been at the center of it… wonderfully paced and crafted.” — Samantha Simmonds-Ronceros,

“ENTERTAINING AND TOUCHING… Even though it deals with harsh realities, the play presents the thorny issue of addiction with a good dose of humor.” — Joe Mosqueda, Glamgical

“DELIGHTFUL… an ensemble that really feels like a family… twists, turns, forks, detours, and cliffs without guardrails.” — Todd Gaebe, Hollywood Revealed

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